Central Baptist Preschool & Kindergarten is dedicated to providing Christian growth and preparation for entry into public or private schools to children from 6 weeks to six years old. Our Bible Enrichment class also provides a different educational activity each day for children age 12 months and up enrolled in the Preschool and Kindergarten programs. Each class receives individualized instruction with our enrichment teacher. Our Program is structured to provide growth in each child's development…

  • Spirituality

    The Program will help each child gain knowledge of God, and His love and care.

  • Physically

    Indoor and outdoor play (both structured and unstructured) will help each child gain physical strength and develop motor skills.

  • Mentally

    By giving opportunities for self-expression, investigation and participation in group activities, each child will increase in knowledge of the world and how to live in it. Our goal is to promote the processing of information and to motivate learning.

  • Socially

    Each child will learn to work and play with children in the same age group. Each will learn to respect the personal property rights of others, and to express kindness, courteousness, and consideration toward others.

  • Emotionally

    Caregivers will assist each child to mature in reaction to emotional situations and in the expression of emotional response.


All of our staff members are experienced early childhood educators. Our entire staff is encouraged to enhance their education and experience through training classes, offered as part of our continuing teacher education program. All teachers meet or exceed the 30- hour minimum required by the Department of Education for all childcare workers. All Kindergarten teachers are licensed by the State of Tennessee.

Tammy Lancaster
Becky Carr
Barbara Richardson
Carolyn Carrier
Debbie Cowell
Elizabeth Hawk
Elizabeth Keith
Hope Glassmyer
Juanita Francisco
Julie Marler
Linda Prater
Lisa Roney
Robin Hale
Robin Linville
Whitney Tester
Amber Adams
Christina Woody
Sheila Hood
Dayla Freeman